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  What is role model? Model is a kind of power, reveal progress; Model is a flag, invigorate morale; Model is a lighthouse, direction; The model gives strength.

  Jin Xianyu yi shoot sky, carry whelp, pack. With wild goose, fighters go on spring outing. Han Jiang Shanru canyue, view of the sea, the proud strong. Boarded the purposeof sovereign reigns for the throne, is an ambitious politician every desire to life, that kind of "talking head fall to the ground, swinging between sleeve ten million people worship" not everyone can resist the temptation of. My role model was also involved in the who can bid for the world from a war. He is cao cao. Although he has been historically to appear negative image in people's field of vision.

  Asked who is a true hero of The Three Kingdoms? In my heart naturally tso. At first I admired guan yu, cao cao treachery. But after failing the exam a sleepless night, heart a touch, originally Cao Caocai is a true hero. The general in nanyang city childless after folding soldiers from these mistakes; The Chinese prime minister fail at game hua-rong-dao with zhuge liang zhou yu ridicule; The su qiao shi use double agent after cutting must abandon robe, even a setback but don't forget the ambition of unify the whole country, not like liu bei, fire by fire to the consortium in seven hundred, burn back to treasure easily; Unlike sun quan, take jingzhou, and keep the fathers inheritance face south proclaimed himself. Cao cao take strong deduce acme. "Li-an, your costraint, martyrs twilight, hero." Tso's poem is very good!

  Difficulties can defeat, setbacks can defeat. Cao cao let me learn to strong.

  Cao cao, treacherous paranoid, dare "were the emperor". But meritocracy, why last name liu can when the emperor? Cao cao's life, a lot of SINS and mistakes, but as lu xun said. He is in the history of our country "a very capable person, at least is a hero".

  He is a famous politician, in addition to "were to the emperor," don't proclaimed himself king, said "the world is, not according to the ancient". How much there is to see the name of!

  He still strategist, rancor, recruiting, with less wins the battle of guandu, great changes have taken place in enemy forces. Although, fire red cliff, weakened him but he wasn't to be, so is the atmosphere of the imperial also!

  He is, "cast die for their country, to just destroy the body, and foot after hanging on." "There's line of necessarily enterprising, enterprising men also may not have a line." This popular verse.

  Man to err, of course, to err is human., cao cao also has its own shortcomings. He was too paranoid, manslaughter, Mrs Luebbe extravagant, become one of the important reasons of aversion to his later generations. But cao cao did not say "rather teach I negative language, Hugh teach his me." Reflection is recorded in the words, "rather I negative people, not negative I". Means: "I'm sorry others, people I'm sorry I didn't?" This is a rhetorical question, earned a rhetorical question. Luo guanzhong myth is ulterior motives, is actually a demeaning to cao cao. And cao cao words and tone of voice is more that he was to comfort myself.

  The power of example is endless. Cao cao eminently, resourceful, don't avoid strong hao, forgive and forget, full read now, is the use, is I want to learn, I want to do is cao cao.

  Finally, I conclude that the three tripartite confrontation of the early heroes, only fuck. Cao cao is the best role model in my life! I always regard him as a beacon on the road of my life!


  Dear every leader, every teacher:

  The title of my speech today is "the power of role models.

  This is the age of a role model and heroines. A variety of models, unconsciously become our idea of the coordinates. Once we learn to lei feng's example. Today many model, are also constantly emerging around us. Xu benyu was a role model, he USES his own youth education of writing a roll of beautiful pictures; Liu xiang is an example, he ran flag and image will be the rise of China are branded deeply in the field of vision.

  French writer Rousseau once said: "model example!! No role model, you can never teach children successfully to anything." Romain rolland said: "to spread sunshine to others in the heart, always have sunshine in my heart." I think, we each teacher's ethics as the "model" and "sunshine". As the saying goes, the letter its architect, to their faith; To its faith, follow the steps. Shout break throat as to appearance, so the teacher is the banner, students follow chased away; Teacher is a signpost, without hesitation, students follow the tag.

  The power of example is endless. Someone once said: "sow a thought reap an action, reap a habit; sow a behavior sow a habit reap a character; sow a character reap a destiny. Sow a role model, we can always see the goal and reference. Model is a kind of upward force, it is a mirror, is a flag.

  There is no sunshine have boundless charm more than ethics, there is no more so than ethics model for power. Go three feet platform, teaching; Down the three feet platform, a teacher by worthy example. Teacher not only are the builders of the socialist spiritual civilization and the disseminator, but also students' moral gene transfer.

  When we see his students with his familiar voice in said one student, how will our inner feelings? Teacher, is a sacred name; Ethics, not simply preach, but a kind of spirit, is a kind of profound knowledge embodied the connotation and the cultural taste; Ethics, the need to develop, need education, have more need of, each teacher's self-improvement! Teachers need starts from the minor matter, starts from self, governs incorruptibly, leadership, infected people with noble personality, with neat appearance influence people, treat people with friendly attitude, with rich knowledge, mal, with broad mind to love a person. Only in this way can guarantee the effectiveness of teaching, students can "kiss the division, the letter the way", and "the tao".

  Finally I use jun-ping liu teacher a passage in the book end of today's lecture, I willing to dedicate the whole heart to child, lets the student life happiness, happy growth. At the same time I also in the development and growth, and happy. I am willing to foster honest love with honest love, with wisdom, wisdom, personality shaping the personality, in the light of my life was set ablaze with fire in photograph reflect, to get the meaning of life and brilliant, teachers and students, such as accompany to grow.


  Teachers, students:

  Good morning, everyone! Today is the first flag-raising ceremony in March. Around the theme of my speech is "looking for an example, let love with us".

  March is a month of unusual, it is to learn from lei feng activities: on March 5, is MAO zedong's "learn from comrade lei feng" captioned anniversary, is China's youth volunteer service day; March is also important in environmental protection: protect the mother river of China on March 9, is Japan, March 12, is China's Arbor Day, March 21, is the world's forests, March 22 is world water day, the world meteorological day is on March 23.

  As the familiar "learn lei feng a good example" melody rang out in the campus, learn lei feng activities of each league branch in our school will actually. How possible reunion in doubt, lei feng's spirit associated with environmental protection? Is a word: love.

  Class: love for nature is not only stay in oral, more important is action, action must be based on love and love. Love, is the accumulation of every little bit of growing up in daily life, a beautiful flower it is blooming need a steady stream of nourishing and watering, feeding process is to make love with us.

  Please love our students, for students to learn to care about each other, help each other, share, treats people polite, do not destroy the learning of life order, this is learn lei feng, this is environmental protection.

  Please love our Alma mater, maintain the school discipline, the school reputation maintenance, maintenance classes, the school's environmental health, school a stone material maintenance, our contribution to the development of the school, it is to learn from lei feng, this is environmental protection.

  Please love our society, when you are around to see from the view of love, you will find that there are many places need our care, you naturally give their love action at any time, it is to learn from lei feng, this is environmental protection.

  Please love our common homeland, resource conservation, waste and extravagance, refused to use a destruction of nature of disposable supplies, it is to learn lei feng, this is environmental protection.

  Nutrients nourish love is everywhere, let love with us, let lei feng's name is marching behind all our ning in steps.

  Mention the "lei feng", we will naturally think of another noun - model. The power of example is endless. Spread a kind of model, we will be able to always see the goal and reference. Model is a kind of upward force, it is a mirror, is a flag.

  Maybe somebody thinks, lei feng's imagination is too tall, tall, to the extent of the unattainable, so difficult to achieve example, had to stay at a respectful distance from sb. But two years ago published biography tells us: lei feng lei feng is also a fashionable trend of pursuers: wear leather jacket to wear watches, riding a motorcycle borrowed camera; He also likes to express themselves, love taking pictures, to write poems... This let us understand that lei feng was a ordinary people, he has the joys and sorrows. But he is not a selfish person, but a has the sense of responsibility, good-hearted, have the pursue. What he did is not earth-shattering, but totally worth a capital "people" word.

  Remember not long ago some debate a topic: lei feng with bill? Gates, who is a role model? In fact, everybody to learn from lei feng, will produce a great spiritual wealth, the relationship between people will be more harmonious, the social environment of people's life will be full of warmth and beautiful; And a few more bill? Gates, will create more material wealth and bring benefits to human beings, promote the improvement of social development. It seems that some of the different types of models, more is not more power? Around and around the most honorable example, the most easy to learn.

  So, in the last term "around looking for example" activities, on the basis of the school the 18th annual "best ning go-between" campaign will be kicked off this week. Our campaign sincerely hope that the students "moved to start, first because of move and move, because of the cardiac operation", can cause the resonance of the entire school teachers and students. In the campaign, we will focus our selection process of propaganda, the candidates really let each person walking into the life of the students. There is always a kind of spirit is moving, and touched, should be internalized as ning of spirit and our common action, thus forming a who are unwilling to lag behind "learn advanced, advanced drive, when advanced" the era of fashion. At the same time, the school will also strengthen the "role model" of the different forms of propaganda, give full play to the model of infinite power, encourage the students learning model, build positive campus atmosphere.

  Let you, let me, let us together looking for a "role model", found that "best ning go-between".

  Let you, let me, let us feel a kind of the power of the "up" and "moved".


  Dear every leader, distinguished guests and judges:

  Good morning! I'm from * * * * company, the title of my speech is "the power of role models. You see, the winter sun through the light clouds, such as silk weaving breezily fall to the ground, a house sweeps away haze and cold. She is a prelude to spring! English poet Shelley said, "if winter comes, can spring be far behind?" Setting green "qing winter see mountains, snow." Appreciation in the winter, you will find it poetic, will sigh with emotion: the power of nature is great! However, there is a kind of power, intangible tangible, silent wins audio, have been agitation, infection I, I that is the power of the force of example, pioneer! This power penetrate people's hearts, agitate the human mind, inspire passion and responsibility, as a column, a beacon, a compass, benchmarking guides targets, indicating the course, guiding the direction. Pioneer example is quite near to us, in our midst. ......


  Dear every leader, the judges, dear colleagues:

  Everybody is good! Lenin said: "the power of example is endless." Example is the coordinates of the life, is the guide of the career success, is the kabuli flags, excitation are its horn.

  On the way of growth, in a professional career, there is always a strong motivation to help us grow, and she is our friend in our life, it is the best teacher in our work. Perhaps, they will not have Mr. Wu that iron hit back still play Pain over 20 people keep safe parking brave bear life; There will be no li-li zhang the critical moment for heroic rescue him child was run over fall under the wheel of the noble sentiments; There will be no tie-cheng gao in the face of raging fire three into three out save, finally burns great feats of syncope. But they should not be underestimated.

  Rural credit cooperatives is a school, a book. I learned a lot of here. You see, you very much.as point ChaoZhi from new to old, many of its people sweat and effort. You listen to, and the keyboard of taps, broke the silence how many night?

  Its work in jilin, let me feel the deepest, is an excellent team can better finish the work tasks, a good role model can bring more people to progress. All around us, there are many such advanced example, they asked their high standards and to work hard, wuxi, solid hard work, innovation; They always put the interests of enterprises and customers in the first place, with a strong and persistent practice quality service pledge; They work and industry and industry, fulfill their duties, the foothold official duty, not soaring ambition; They focus on solve the various problems in practical work, practice good business ability, to adapt to the needs of the new business skills. Their discipline, not for the family, not for money, like a proud cold plum, noble character. Let me feel, years, there is always a group of people in inspiring me, inspire me; There is always a kind of spirit, I work hard; There is always a force quantity let me confident, drives me forward.

  Like my old leader, urban credit cooperatives branch secretary zhi-jun zhou. He took part in 30 years, its first in a bookkeeper and the loan officer, such as accounting, deputy director, director positions. Either as a primary credit management, or in a line as an ordinary employee, he is always strict with himself with a communist party member's standard. In his credit cooperatives, director of more than 20 years, he is humble, steadfast work, diligence is not idle. Treat subordinates close love, treat customers sincerely, give youth selfless help and care for employees, establish a fine image of executives at the grassroots level, has been widely respect and love.

  In the rain, coming softly. If you are a drop of water, you moisten an inch of land? If you are a ray of sunshine, you light up a dark? If you are a food, whether you has nurtured useful life? If you are the smallest screw, do you always stick to your work station? This is a great communist fighter lei feng in his diary of a passage is worth our serious thinking.

  Have a kind of feelings flowing in the blood vessels, engraved in my heart, and this kind of feeling called Thanksgiving; There is a feeling in the heart, flash on jobs, this kind of feeling called career.

  Our art is its is such a great cause, she is brewed with their sweat and struggle of the blood of nectar, improves the fragrance; She was built with unremitting pursuit and eternal perseverance is solid walls -; She is with hope and good depth to yearn for the wearer, rainbow - gorgeous brilliant. She let me understand, model can be a person, can be a team; Can be a big project, also can be an unusually small thing. She let me understand, the sample is a list of ordinary can learn, model is superior to emulate, an example is the can transcend stage, just we need to do better, but we need to insist. Because, yesterday is based on, keep on keeping on today call into, insist on tomorrow's success. So, dear friends, please cheer for me, wish me success!

  My speech ended, thank you!